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Pollution Control Officers (PCO) Training Course

Environmental Training Institute, the training division of Environmental Counselors, Inc. invites you to our next Pollution Control Officers (PCO) Training Course on May 20-23, 2014 at ECI Training Center, Unit E, 9th Floor, Strata 100 Bldg., F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald Avenue), Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Training fee is Php 7,250.00/person inclusive of VAT, Snacks and Meals, Kits and Materials and Training Certificate.

This 40-hour modular training program is needed for securing Pollution Control Officers Accreditation from EMB Regional Offices for establishments that discharge solid, liquid, or gaseous wastes to the environment or whose activities, products, or services are actual and/or potential sources of land, water, or air pollution. This shall likewise apply to local government units (LGUs), development authorities, government-owned and controlled corporations, and other public establishments.

As per DAO No. 2014-02; Revised Guideline for Pollution Control Officers Accreditation, the PCO Accreditation will be based on the categorization of establishments. This categorization shall define the needed qualifications of PCO.

For questions and inquiries, you can contact us through Telefax: (02) 6376626 to 27 (office hours only 9am-6pm) and look for Ms. Ma. Patricia B. Ilagan.

2014 Course Schedule

February 11-14    Pollution Control Officers (PCO) Training Course 
                         (ECI Training Center- Manila)

March 18-21        Pollution Control Officers (PCO) Training Course 
                         (ECI Training Center-Manila)

April 22-25          Pollution Control Officers (PCO) Training Course 
                         (ECI Training Center-Manila)

May 20-23           Pollution Control Officers (PCO) Training Course 
                         (ECI Training Center-Manila)

June 17-20          Pollution Control Officers (PCO) Training Course  
                         (ECI Training Center-Manila)

July 15-18           Pollution Control Officers (PCO) Training Course
                         (ECI Training Center-Manila)

August 12-15        Pollution Control Officers (PCO) Training Course  
                         (ECI Training Center Manila)

September 16-19 Pollution Control Officers (PCO) Training Course  
                         (ECI Training Center Manila)

October 14-17     Pollution Control Officers (PCO) Training Course 
                         (ECI Training Center Manila)

November 11-14  Pollution Control Officers (PCO) Training Course
                         (ECI Training Center Manila)

December 9-12    Pollution Control Officers (PCO) Training Course 
                         (ECI Training Center-Manila)

We reserve the right to cancel or schedule any scheduled training/activities without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances

Course Fees: PCO Training Course: 7,250.00 per head inclusive of VAT, meals and materials and Training Certificate. For more details on this and our other courses, kindly see course descriptions below.

Training Course Description

interactive approaches ensure participation

Pollution Control Officers (PCO) Training Course 
This DENR-EMB Approved Course is a 40-hour modular training program composed of group activities, lectures from environmental and technical professionals and a plant visit meant to equip you with the skills and knowledge required for PCO Accreditation by the DENR-EMB. For effective learning, each run of the course is limited to 18 participants. Attendances in all five modules are required to complete the course. PCO Accreditation is included.

fun after the course
Under Philippine Law, Pollution Control Officers are company personnel designated and accredited by the DENR- Environmental Management Bureau to manage pollution and environmental concerns of a particular company. This training is meant to prepare you to take on this role on behalf of your organization or company.

 Under Section 12 of DAO 26, Series of 1992, to wit ” Any establishment failing to designate and or appoint PCO shall be fined or penalized in accordance with Section 106 of the NPCC Rules and Regulations or Section 9 of P. D. 984”.

Since 2005, we have run 83 batches and trainerd almost a thousand Pollution Control Officers in our training center in Pasig all the way to the cities of Baguio, Davao, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Zamboanga.

Course Outline
Module 1
Framework of the Environmental Regulations in the Philippines
Module 2
Republic Act No. 8749: Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999
Module 3
Republic Act No. 9275: Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004
Module 4
Republic Act No. 6969:  Toxic and Hazardous Waste and Nuclear Wastes Control Act and Republic Act No. 9003: Ecological Solid Waste Management Act
Module 5
DENR Administrative Order on PCO Guidelines, Incident Investigation, SMR and CMR Compliance Monitoring

Regular Fees: Php7,250.00 per person (inclusive of VAT,meals, materials and certificate)

Environmental Law Awareness Seminar
This one day seminar is designed for CEOs, Managers and other company officers and staff, as well as other individuals who would like to understand environmental laws in the Philippines. This is especially helpful for teams implementing their Environmental Management Systems for ISO 14001 Accreditation.

Regular Fees: Php3,500.00/person (inclusive of VAT, meals, materials and certificate)

Social Acceptability Training Course
An intensive two day course which will equip you with the skills, knowledge needed to ensure social preparation and participation, as well as achieve social acceptability in accordance with ECC and EIA Requirements. This is perfect for community relations practitioners and liaison officers PCOs, project managers and NGOs and LGUs in charge of external affairs and community relations.

Regular Fees: Php7,500.00/person (inclusive of VAT, meals, materials and certificate)

Environmental Conflict Management Course (ECM)
A two day course designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to deal with and resolve conflicts regarding environment and natural resources concerns, including social conflicts brought about by development projects. This course is ideal for project developers and implementers, LGU and NGO planners’ financial planners, engineers and project managers, as well as pollution control officers and environmental personnel.

Regular Fees: Php7,900.00/person (inclusive of VAT, meals, materials and certificate)

Stakeholders Management Program (SMP)
This two day program is a multi-disciplinary program combining coaching and training of select company personnel to identify important stakeholders, conduct social risk assessment, develop effective management interventions for community and stakeholder concerns, integrate these interventions in larger management systems and improve on ISO certified quality and environmental management systems. This program will increase your competencies in managing stakeholders and community relations. This is ideal for mining companies and those with community concerns.

Regular Fees: Php12,500.00/person (inclusive of VAT, meals, materials and certificate)

ISO 14001 EMS Documentation and Internal Audit Training
A four day course meant to introduce the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS), as well as impart an effective way of quantitatively rating significant environmental aspects and developing documentation procedures. Course also includes the absics of internal environmental audit for ISO 14001.

Fee: To be announced